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Thank you for visiting myTaffeta.com. We are your Online Shop for Lauren Vidal Pants. A Lauren Vidal Customer is a customer for life.  The Lauren Vidal brand is sought out by women all over the world.  Manufactured in France, the Lauren Vidal brand is made to last while making you look great.  You'll feel like you've just dropped a size. 
Lauren Vidal pants are extremely comfortable and made with wrinkle-free fabric; making them perfect for traveling, shopping, work, social functions, and just about any casual or elegant event.
Once you fall in love with the Lauren Vidal patented fabric blend and fit, you'll be delighted to know that they are available in two styles - Capsyl and Cosy - and several colors.  And, no dry cleaning; Lauren Vidal Pants are machine washable.
We have limited sizes and colors now and this is the last chance to order.  Please place your order and we will try to fill your request as best as possible.  We were recently informed by Lauren Vidal that they will not be importing the Capsyl or Cosy Pants any longer to the United States.  We are very sad about this, but it is out of our control.
You will be happy to know that we carry other wonderful products by Lior and Alisha.d.  Please check them out when you have the time.




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