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I love Lauren Vidal pants, and in fact, they are the only ones I wear.  So slimming, great colors and styles, no bulky pockets or belt loops.  Now several of my friends wear only Lauren Vidal pants, too!  Once you know your size, you never have to try them on again, as sizing is completely consistent.

Connie said:

Thank you for outstanding service. 

Roberta said:

My order of the Lior Jannie Pant arrived today and they fit PERFECT!!!!!!! . . .Thank you for such a seamless buying experience.  I loved the personal handwritten pink thank you note from you.  Oh and thank you for the sample color sheet too.  You thought of everything.  You ladies are wonderful.  I feel very good and very comfortable placing another order from your company.

Ann said:

I have purchased at least 15 pair of these pants. The last 3 pair do not have the quality they once had. The material seems shinier and the seams are puckery. Also, they are too wide for the styles today.  

Marsha Sawicki said:

I absolutely LOVE Lauren Vidal pants! I don't like to wear anything else. They launder well and wear even better!  

Debbie said:

Love them, and would love to own every color. Fabulous, just exquisite, no comparison. How do I enter the contest as I would like to win the pairs that are in a contest till April? I seem to have by-passed that page upon entering home again. Thank you for your reply.  

Athena said:

They look fabulous and you can just wash them and hang them to dry. Easy!  

Trish Taylor said:

Most comfortable, easy to care for pants that absolutely last FOREVER. You won't regret spending this much on a pair of pants once you wear them.  

Lady Di said:

I just received my 6th pair of Lauren Vidal pants or capris from My Taffeta. I love both styles and fit. I love the fact that they fit to the waist which is so much more flattering on most of us and are perfect for travel. I hope they never stop making this style.  

Frances Vinyard said:

I love my Lauren Vidal pants. I own several. I travel for work and they are perfect. I have only experienced excellent customer service from myTaffeta. In fact, I would say outstanding. I will continue to order from them. Great store!!!!  

Ann H. said:

Heather & Luis are wonderful to work with! I have narrowed down my perfect size and cut ("long boot cut Almon style"!) thanks to Heather's flexibility in allowing me to return what doesn't work so I can get what DOES work. So many compliments on the pants - they are flawless & they make ME look flawless (well, almost!) My grown daughters are my best critics and they rave about how well they fit, hang and look on me. The "Acier" color is especially pretty - kind of a gunmetal/charcoal, but not black and not grey. I can't stop ordering now that I know how great they are. The cut on the Almon style is a bit slimmer than the Capsyl and it fits just right in the rear and crotch and the legs are a bit more narrow, so the overall effect is super slimming. I miss their store but having the website and Heather to call on at any time is almost as good! Keep it up, guys!  

Vicky said:

I purchased two pair of the Lauren Vidal pants and after a few returns, I found the best fit. I prefer the straight leg but do have a funky pair of boots the Almon work with. Heather is so easy to work with. I wore them to work today and several people asked if I had lost weight (and it is the Christmas season, no less!)

I will buy these pants again and again.  

Mary Pat Borgess said:

I absolutely LOVE my Lauren Vidal pants. They fit great, wear well, don't wrinkle, and can be thrown in the washer. Best of all, they don't pick up lint or pet hair!!! I have three pairs and wear them all the time to work and out and about for fun. Heather is a delight and goes above and beyond in the customer service department. Don't wait--order some of these fabulous pants today!  

Erica Eason-Hall said:

Heather has blown me away with the customer service she has provided. I was very skeptical about ordering an item over the internet from a boutique, out of state, giving them my credit card and wondering if I would ever recieve the product. This lady takes a lot of pride in what she sells and how she runs her business. I had worn a pair of Lauren Vidal pants and I  googled the line of pants and found her web-site. I was scared to risk my chance of ordering, but I am glad I did. She has kept me up to date with emails on my order. Thanks again Heather. 


Many thanks for keeping us up to date on the back order, we're looking forward to eventually receiving the slacks. My lean, tall, striking and still - at 77 years of age - beautiful wife is a bit of a clothes horse who plays bridge 4 days a week and always gets compliments on her clothes and she always gives great praise and enthusiastic recommendations to her Lauren Vidal pants.  

Bill S said:

I am so glad there is finally a a pair of pants that make me look- slim-- no more pudgy belly---my waist line looks like I have worked on it for years - I absolutely love my Lauren Vidal!! I own 4 pair of them, I always get compliments when I wear them. Thanks  

Damaris said:

I have two pairs of Lauren Vidal pants - black and brown - that take me everywhere. They are perfect for travel. In fact, they are my "uniform" on the airplane. They can be teamed with countless options - from a jean jacket to sequins. They don't show wrinkles and they look fabulous on. I wear them at least once a week. Here's a highlight of where my pants have travelled this year: Italy..on the plane, of course..out for dinners..touring cathedrals. A wedding weekend - teamed with a twin set for a casual gathering. The Il Divo concert - teamed with a white linen blouse. Class Reunion - teamed with a tank and great jacket. Soon, they will accompany me on a cruise and be worn to dinner every night. Life without Lauren Vidal? Impossible!  

Tish Tucker said:

I've been wearing Lauren Vidal pants for 6 years, and they are the absolute best pants I've ever owned!! They fit so well, make you look slimmer, never wrinkle and just cannot be beat. I have many pairs in many colors and give them and My Taffeta as well as Heather and Luis the highest recommendation.  

Susan Haynes said:

I just love my Vidal pants and top I recently purchased. Seems like every time I wear them someone comments about how much they like them. I truly love how the pants fit and I especially like the beautiful colors!!  

Debra said:

I live in Buffalo, NY and visited Taffeta in Naples several years ago while on vacation. I bought a pair of the Lauren Vidal pants and they are the absolute best. They do wash and wear great and are wrinkle free. They also make me look 10 pounds lighter. They are truly miracle pants. I buy another color every year and have them mailed to me in NY. Thanks Taffeta Fashions, Inc. I almost don't want to share my secret to a good look but I could not resist.  

Nancy said:

I have a pair of Lauren Vidal Pants that I have worn for 3 years that are black. They fit great and look like I purchased them yesterday. Wash and warm iron and wear. They are great.  

I Norman said:

My what a nice surprise!  You are thoughtful and sweet. . . .  I love the Lior pants.  Probably will be one of your best customers for them.  Am eager to see what the spring/summer line looks like.  Your thank you note with my package was a lovely touch.  The personal reaching out makes one feel special. 

Mary Ruth said:

Love the spring email (3/17).  Just placed another order for two more pairs of my favorite Jannie pants. 

Ann said:

Many thanks, the necklace is just beautiful.  And I enjoy wearing my Cosy Lauren Vidal slacks.

Loretta said:


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